Journal directory listing - Volume 55 (2010) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【55(3)】September

Factors Influencing Students’Choices in the Multiple College Entrance Program: The Case of Four-Year Institutes of Technology Author: Da-Sen Lin(Department of Sociology, Fo Guang University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 55, No. 3
Date:September 2010


One of the most widely investigated research topics in recent years concerns student participation in the Multiple College Entrance Program. Although many researchers have examined this topic, few studies have examined how this issue relates to students studying in the technological and vocational education system. The present study examined students studying in four-year institutes of technology. Utilizing a survey of freshmen conducted in 2005 as part of the Taiwan Higher Education Database, the present study analyzed how family background and high school experiences affected students’ choices for the three major channels of admission: recommendation and screening, registration and placement, and application. The main findings were: (1) Students whose parents have a higher than average level of education have more opportunities to apply for university by application. (2) Students who take advantage of the recommendation and screening or application admission channels are likely to rely on teachers’ and friends’ suggestions or opinions. (3) For departments in the fields of arts and humanities at public institutes of technology, more students entered via the recommendation and screening channel. At the same time, applicants are easily allowed for applications to public Institute of Technology in departments of Sciences.

Keywords:multiple college entrance program, four-year institutes of technology, technological and vocational education, higher education

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APA FormatLin, D.-S. (2010). Factors Influencing Students’ Choices in the Multiple College Entrance Program: The Case of Four-Year Institutes of Technology. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 55(3), 89-122. doi:10.3966/2073753X2010095503004