Journal directory listing - Volume 55 (2010) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【55(3)】September

The Narrative Changes of Taiwanese History: Reflections on National History and the Education of National Identity Author: Pei-Fen Sung(Institute of Curriculum and Instruction,Tamkang University),Wei-Hsi Chang(Department of History,National Chengchi University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 55, No. 3
Date:September 2010


This study utilizes text analysis method to examine junior-high school textbooks from the National Standardized Version, “Knowing Taiwan Version,” to textbooks after the Grade 1-9 Curriculum Reform. The goal is to understand how the narratives of Taiwanese history were influenced and changed by ideologies of Chinese consciousness and Taiwanese consciousness. We explored the relationship between facts and interpretations and found that these three versions all have facts interpreted through the lenses of the two ideologies. Textbook narratives were changed from the Chinese-consciousness National Standardized Version to the Taiwanese-consciousness “Knowing Taiwan” Version. “Knowing Taiwan” re-defined Taiwanese history in terms of periodization and narrative structures. Textbooks after “Knowing Taiwan” not only used similar national narrative structures, but also continued to reduce the historical relationship between China and Taiwan. This research also found that Taiwanese history as a national history has not been able to explain facts related to China well, making the national narrative less diverse and less inclusive in providing a better and fuller historical interpretation. We argue for the democratic practice of history, which aims to prepare students for historical thinking, so that students may develop their national identities based on reason.

Keywords:grand narrative, democratic practice of history, national identity, national history, ideology

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APA FormatSung, P.-F., & Chang, W.-H. (2010). The Narrative Changes of Taiwanese History: Reflections on National History and the Education of National Identity. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 55(3), 123-150. doi:10.3966/2073753X2010095503005