Call for papers for the special issue “Educational Research Related to Southeast Asian Countries” (Final submission deadline: 2018/12/31)

Call for papers for the special issue “Educational Research Related to Southeast Asian Countries” (cross-border cooperation preferred) Accepted Languages: English and Chinese (English preferred) Guest Editor: Prof. Jong-Long Guo, Distinguish Professor and Associate Dean of College of Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Scope of the Special Issue: To enhance academic knowledge and collaboration between Taiwan and Southeast Asian Countries, we call for high-quality and original theoretical and empirical research papers for possible inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of Research in Education Sciences focusing on “Educational Research Related to Southeast Asian Countries.” Through cross-border comparisons and cooperation, we hope to advance not only academic competitiveness in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries but also the level of application and effectiveness of educational systems. Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries are located in the same region of Asia and share a close geographical relationship and similar cultures, thus enabling the exchange of knowledge in terms of educational systems. The areas of interest for this special journal issue include, but are not limited to, the following topics: 1. Teacher Education 2. Comparative Education 3. Multicultural Education 4. Educational Measurement and Evaluation 5. Social Education 6. Health Promotion and Health Education 7. Early childhood Education 8. Citizenship Education and Adventure Education 9. Special Education 10. Computers and Education 11. Library and Information Studies 12. Learning Sciences 13. Free papers on issues related to education in Southeast Asian countries We look forward to your contributions! Production Timeline: Final submission deadline: December 31, 2018 Tentative publication date: June 2019 Submission Method: For this special issue, authors are encouraged to send the submission form along with the manuscript to When submitting your manuscript, kindly provide the note “Special Issue: Educational Research Related to Southeast Asian Countries” to ensure that your submission is considered for this special issue, instead of being handled as a regular paper. All submissions will be processed on receipt and go through the journal’s standard double-blind peer-review process. For guidelines on preparing your manuscript, please visit the website of the journal: