Journal directory listing - Volume 48 Number 2 (2003) - Science Education【48(2)】October

A Study of the Digital Learning Strategies of Second Grade Students Author: Jenyi Chao(Graduate School of Educational Communication and Technology National Taipei Teachers College)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 48, No.2
Date:October 2003


The issue of elementary school children's learning strategies, developed in a digital learning environment, has recently attracted more attention. This case study utilized a qualitative research method, including focus group interviews, one-on-one digital learning observations, and document analyses in order to understand the digital learning abilities and strategies of second-grade students using the grade 1-9 curriculum. The participants in this study were ten second-grade students, eight and nine years old, from an elementary school in Hsi-Chu, Taiwan. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the strategies developed under the digital learning Hyperbook system while children were taking the course "Little Tamsui Town" in the Chinese Language Class. The results show that most participants could use rehearsal and elaboration strategies and few critical thinking strategies; however, they did not use any organizational strategies as part of their cognitive strategies. In the use of metacognitive strategies they could only apply some regulating strategies.

Keywords:Elementary School Children, Digital Learning, Learning Strategy

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APA FormatChao, J. (2003). A Study of the Digital Learning Strategies of Second Grade Students. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Mathematics & Science Education, 48(2), 197-224. doi:10.6300/JNTNU.2003.48(2).03