Journal directory listing - Volume 59 (2014) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【59(1)】March (Special Issue: 12-Year Basic Education)

(Special Issue) Adopting a Learning Community in a Junior High School under the 12-Year Basic Education System Author: Ya-Ci (Hsiao-Hua) Selena Hsueh(Graduate Insitute of Curriculum and Instruction, Tamkang University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 59, No. 1
Date:March 2014


The 12-Year Basic Education policy in Taiwan was unveiled in 2014. Because of the forthcoming implementation of the new policy and the increasingly high ratio of open enrollment, test-oriented teaching is no longer considered to be the primary goal for junior high schools and, therefore, the curriculum must be revised considerably. The government proposed the practice of learning through a learning community, and numerous schools have participated in this learning community program. The traditional learning style of speaking while students listen is expected to change. In this qualitative study, student experiences and how they changed under the guidance of a learning community were investigated by conducting interviews, and potential problems in the learning method were identified. Five teachers from a junior high school, in which the learning community method was adopted in their classes, participated in this study. The results of positivist analysis indicate that the implementation of a learning community is expected to be a valuable educational method under the 12-Year Basic Education system.
Both the researcher and the teachers observed changes in student learning caused by the use of various teaching strategies.
Six crucial findings were derived from this research.
(1) The methods used by junior high school teachers for promoting collaborative learning in their classes are comprehensive and diversified. 
(2) Based on the learning community proposed by Professor Manabu Sato, the most widely used method in practice among junior high school teachers is collaborative learning.
(3) The collaborative learning technique used by junior high school teachers is typically cooperative learning, which focuses on group discussion and expression rather than on listening, connecting, and referring to the text, as argued by Sato.
(4) Regarding junior high school students, the greatest benefit produced by collaborative learning is the cultivation of motivation and teamwork.
(5) Inferior students who were previously unacquainted with their classmates attained achievements through collaborative learning.
(6) Overall, the teachers enhanced student learning, and changed the learning style of the students in a positive manner.

Keywords:12-Year Basic Education, cooperative learning, collaborative learning, curriculum revolution, learning community

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APA FormatHsueh, Y.-C. (2014). Adopting a Learning Community in a Junior High School under the 12-Year Basic Education System. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 59(1), 101-140. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2014.59(1).04