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Effective Chinese Reading Comprehension Strategy: Best-Evidence Synthesis of Taiwanese Empirical Studies Author: Jin-Chang Hsieh(Research Center for Testing and Assessment, National Academy for Educational Research)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 60, No. 2
Date:June 2015


    The adoption of evidence-based education has increased noticeably among Taiwanese practitioners and researchers. However, several accompanying concerns, such as the reliability and source of evidence, remain controversial. This study proposes an effective Chinese reading comprehension strategy from the perspective of best-evidence synthesis.
    After a few keywords were used to search Taiwanese bibliographic databases, 57 articles were coded and synthesized on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria. The results show that nearly all of the comprehension strategies were effective, including self-questioning, question and answering, story grammar, graphic organizer creation, summarizing, and reciprocal instruction. The highest average effect size was +0.58 for summary writing, and the lowest average effect size was +0.35 for self-questioning. Finally, some suggestions and implications are proposed for future studies.


Keywords:text structure, reciprocal instruction, research synthesis, questioning, summarizing

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  1. 王木榮、董宜俐(2006)。國小學童中文閱讀理解測驗。臺北市:心理。【Wang, M.-J., & Dong, Y.-L. (2006). Chinese reading comprehension test for elementary school students. Taipei, Taiwan: Psychological.】
  2. 王玳雅(2013)。故事結構教學對國小學童閱讀理解能力影響之後設分析(未出版碩士論文)。國立臺北教育大學,臺北市。【Wang, T.-Y. (2013). The effects of story grammar instruction on reading comprehension for elementary school students in Taiwan: A meta-analysis (Unpublished master’s thesis). National Taipei University of Education, Taipei, Taiwan.】
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APA FormatHsieh, J.-C. (2015). Effective Chinese Reading Comprehension Strategy: Best-Evidence Synthesis of Taiwanese Empirical Studies. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 60(2), 33-77. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2015.60(2).02