Journal directory listing - Volume 65 (2020) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【65(1)】March (Special Issue: Language and Culture Education Policies)

(Special Issue) Reading Policy and Reading Instruction in Taiwan Author: Hwa-Wei Ko (Department of Education and Learning, National Tsing Hua University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 65, No.1
Date:March 2020


    After the 2006 report of the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study was published in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education released a Reading 101 policy to encourage reading instruction in elementary schools. Few Chinese language arts teachers were familiar with reading strategies before 2006. To promote the teaching of reading and comprehension strategies in elementary classes, a textbook-based approach was initiated for reading instruction. A framework and guidelines were first developed for teaching reading and comprehension strategies in elementary schools. Example lesson plans were then compiled, and an in-service training program was provided or teachers.
    After implementing the Reading 101 policy for 10 years, teachers’ ratings of their daily adoption of reading strategies in their classes increased. Yet, while conducting classroom observations, discussions with the teachers, and feedback analysis for the teachers, the teachers were categorized into the following three groups based on their mastery level of providing instructions on reading comprehension strategies:
    1. The teacher demonstrates understanding of the strategy principle and uses appropriate teaching methods to convey the principle to students.
    2. The teacher did not demonstrate a full understanding of the strategy principle but often mentioned the terminologies, which were not comprehensible to their students.
    3. The teacher demonstrated their understanding of the strategy principle and used very complicated methods to teach their students. Thus, the students were confused about several topics.
    Some teachers had practical skills but did not understand why reading strategies should be incorporated in their teaching methodology. A follow-up design of professional development should be used to encourage teachers to conduct more discussions pertaining to the process and meaning of reading and practice a teaching methodology that involves reading instruction. Professional group interaction on the significance of reading can shape their teaching practice in the class.

Keywords:Reading 101 (MOE), textbook-based approach to reading instruction, progress in international reading literacy study

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APA FormatKo, H.-W. (2020). Reading Policy and Reading Instruction in Taiwan. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 65(1), 93-114. doi:10.6209/JORIES.202003_65(1).0004