Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 38 (1993)

kinetic Study of the Reaction of OH with NH3 Author: Jia-Jen Ho(Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University), Jin-Xiang Kuo(Kee-Long Provincial High School)


The discharge flow-resonance fluorescence system was used to measure the rate constants of OH reactions with NH3. Hydrogen atoms were generated by passing a mixture of H2 in He through a microwave discharge. OH radicals were prepared by reacting H atoms with NO2. The excited OH radicals in the light source was produced by discharging H2O/He mixture. The reactant, NH3, was admitted at dif-ferent points in the flow tube via the movable injector. Reaction time was related to the distance from detector to the reactant admitted point. By monitoring the intensity of resonance fluorescence, we can obtain the rate constant at room temperature. The result is: k(OH+NH3)=(1.28±0.32)×10-13cm3 molecule-1 S-1
There is no significant systematic error when compared to the data in the literature.

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