The Journal of National Taiwan Normal University  is a purely academic journal aimed at enhancing the research culture of NTNU and providing a platform for domestic and international instructors and researchers to publish previously unpublished original research papers. Original research papers herein refer to empirical research reports, theoretical or methodological dissertations, or systemized composite articles on specific research topics.
The Journal of National Taiwan Normal University was first published in 1956, with articles comprising the categories of education; mathematics and science education; humanities and social studies; and mathematics, science, and technology.This journal is now divided into two volumes for publication: “Journal of Research in Education Sciences” and “Journal of National Taiwan Normal University”. This journal welcomes submissions all year round. Submissions are reviewed upon receipt.  60 volumes have been published over 60 years, comprising 1,300 academic articles. Roughly 2,000 scholars have been published in the Journal. The articles lead in both quality and quantity in the Greater China region.