Journal directory listing - Volume 1-10 (1956-1965)

Volume 1-10 (1956-1965)

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Volume 1 (1956) TOP

On Shan-Sze-Ming in the Nine Odes?
Author: Su Hsueh-Lin
Supplementary Notes to Wang Hsien-Chien's Variorum Edition of Hsun Tze
Author: Pan Chung-Kuei
Duke of Mao's Tripod Variorum
Author: Kao Hung-Chin
Mo-tze's Date of Birth and Death
Author: Li Shu-Tung
A Study of Sze-ma Chien'sLife and his Record of History
Author: Liang Jung-Jo
Thoughts of Ku Yen-Wu
Author: Lin Yin
The Horse on the Poetry of Tu Fu
Author: Tu Cheng-Hsiang
A Historical Study of the Rhymes Used in Chinese Operas
Author: Min Sho-Heng
The Influence on Joseph Caslilboni on Chinese Art
Author: Huang Chun-Pi
The Distribution of Loess and its Landscape in the Northwest Plateau
Author: Sha Hsueh-Chuen
A Defence of King Lear
Author: Liang Shih-Chu

Volume 2 (1957) TOP

The San's Plate Variorum
Author: Kao Hung-Chin
Wang Yang-Ming's Mental Philisophy and his Educational Thoughts
Author: Huang Chien-Chung
Supplementary Notes to the Geography of Yu Kung
Author: Cheng Fah-Jen
A Study of the Classification in the Chinese System of Spelling
Author: Lin Yin
On the Studies of Pre-Chin philosphers
Author: Liang Jung-Jo
On Tang Kao Tsu's Statesmanship
Author: Li Shu-Tung
Dai Nan-Shan and the Tung-Cheng School
Author: Tang Chuan-Chi
A Biographical Table of Mr. Chiao Li-Tang
Author: Dai Pei-Chih
A Study of the Chinese Institution of the Doctorate
Author: Chia Fu-Ming

Volume 3 (1958) TOP

The Ecological Effects of H2S on the Fresh- Water Animals in Taipei
Author: T.S. Miu
A Study on the Mass Culture Method of Chlorella Vulgaris
Author: Y.S.Wei, S.M.Wang, C.M.Wang
A Primary Survey on the Vegetation along the Transverse Path of Neng-kao Mountain
Author: T.J.Liu, C.C.Hsu, T.Y.Chuong
Limnological Studies on Dragon-pool of Taipei
Author: C.Y.Lu
The Influence of Folidol, Cutting and Inserting on the Central Nervous System of Cyprinus Carpio
Author: M.C.Liu
A Preliminary Report on the Vegetation of Taipei Political District
Author: S.S.Huang
Radoactive Isotopes Applications on Biology
Author: P.C.Hsu

Volume 4 (1959) TOP

Mohists' Philosphy and Their Logical Doctrines
Author: Huang Kien-Chung
Critical Notes on "The Great Learning"
Author: Kao Ming
The Sung's Vessels
Author: Kao Hung-Chin
A Commentary on Misinterpreted Notes of Place Names in "Spring and Autumn"
Author: Cheng Fa-Jen
Six Poems from Shih Ching, explained in Connection with Matrimony
Author: Lee Chen-Tong
A short Study of the Case of the Implication of the Crown Prince Chien-Cheng in Yang Wen-Kan's Rebellion in Tang Dynasty
Author: Lee Shu-Tung
A Study of the Sari-Uigurrs Tribe
Author: Lee Fu-Tung
A Comparison of Taiwanese and English Segmental Phonemes
Author: Fu Yi-Chin
On the Rhythm and the Four Tones of Tz'u
Author: Kung Ying-The
Problems of Population
Author: Hsieh Chen-Fu

Volume 5 (1960) TOP

Equilibrium Studies with Plutonium, Americium and Curium on the Ion Exchange Resin and Organic Chelating Agent Solutions
Author: John Yon Cheng
Ecolgical Studies on the Mosquitoes in Taipei
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu, S. J. Lang
The effect of P. acinosa on the Excretion of Sodium chloride
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu, T.Y.Chen
The Effects of Celery Extract on Cardiovascular System and Blood Pressure
Author: Y.C. Lin
Physical Concepts for the Semi-Conductors
Author: Gene Eason
On The Neutrino
Author: John C. Wang, S. J. Ho
Preliminary Norts on the Ranunculaceae of Taiwan (Formosa), China
Author: Huang Shou-Hsien

Volume 6 (1961) TOP

A Study of Gegraphic Names and Maps of the Spring and Autumn Annals
Author: Chen Fa-Jen
The Methods I Used in the Study of Shih Ching
Author: Lee Cheng-Tong
How I Discovered the Author of Shih Ching
Author: Lee Cheng-Tong
Amendments to the Biography of Tu-Fu in the Two Histories of Tang Dynasty
Author: Tu Cheng-Hsiang
The Date of the Writing and Handing Down of Ku-Lian-Chuan
Author: Lee Yuai-Kang
The Influenece of Chinese Costume on Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yun-Ying
On the Falsehood of the Three Promises of Succession made by Tang-Kao-Tsung to Tai-Tsung
Author: Lee Shu-Tung
Historical Evidence of Climatic Changes in Central Asia
Author: Liu Yen-Huai
The Applications of Hydrospheric Geography to Regional Geography
Author: Liu Hung-His
A Study of the Geographic Area of Szchwan
Author: Jan Te-Keng
A Geographic Study of the Tea Production in Taiwan
Author: Chiang Tao-Chang

Volume 7 (1962) TOP

On the Objectives of Teachers Education in China
Author: Ling Peng
Shih Ching as Interpreted Through the Life of its Author, Chifu
Author: Lee Chen-Tong
The Influence of Chinese Science on Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yun-Ying
An Introduction to the History of Academic Studies in the Ch'ing Dynasty
Author: Lin Yin
Significance of the History of Philosophy
Author: Chao Ya-Po
A Study on the Two Major Families of Learning Theories-Stimulus- Response Theories versus Cognitive Theories
Author: Han Yeo-Hsien
A Discussion on The Order of the Six Classes of Chinese Characters
Author: Kung Ying-The
A Comparative Study of the Educational Philosophics of Chu His and Lu Hsiang-Shan
Author: Wu Chen-Tsou

Volume 8 (1963) TOP

Therorems on the Allied Series of a Fourier Series
Author: Lee Shing-Meng
The Generalized Principal Ideal Theorem in Imaginary Quadratic Fields with Class Number 1
Author: Hsu Tao-Ning
An Example in Imaginary Quadratic Field R(√-21)
Author: Hsu Tao-Ning
Quality of Solar Radiation
Author: Prof. John C. Wang
Effects of Frequency and Intensity of Ultasonic Waves on Its Propagation
Author: Prof. John C. Wang
Diffusion Rate along Two Phase, Interphases and the Influence of their Rate of Diffusion on Transformation Rate
Author: Tang Jaw-Lin
Duality in Transistor Design
Author: Gene Eason, Lin Jen-To
Nuclear Excitation of Ag107 by X-rays
Author: Shieh Cheng-Chuan
On the Ergodic Theorems
Author: Ho, Tso-Jen
An Investigation of the Content of Some of the Physics Textbooks Used in the Secondary School
Author: Chao Chin-Chi
The Properties of Muon
Author: Chang Chung-Kai
The Reaction of Sammarium (Ⅱ) and Ytterbium (Ⅱ) Solutions with Molecular Oxygen
Author: H.W. Stone, Gorden K. Yang
A Study on Hyperconjugative and Inductive Effects of Alkyl Groups
Author: Wang Cheng-Hsia
The Influence of the Solvent on the Relative Electron Releasing Capacities of Alkyl Group
Author: Wang Cheng-Hsia
Effect of Clematis on the Bone of Fish
Author: Miu Tuan-Sheng, Sheu Jing-Ru
Ecological Studies on the Periplaneta Americana in Taipei
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu, Shuenn-Lian Lee
Morphological Change and Evolution of Carps Under Cultivation
Author: Koh Ting-Pong
Ecological and Phytogeographical Studies of Cibotium Barometz (L.) J. SM. in Taiwan (Formosa)
Author: Chin-Hwa Hu
Studies on the Structure of Carp Larva
Author: Huang Shiu-Lan
Studies on the Fall Out of the Fish and Water in Chiang Tou
Author: Shih Ho
Effect of Endrin on the Scrum Proteins Metabolism of Rabbit
Author: Lai Yih-Oong
A Study of the Regional Climate for Taiwan
Author: Liu Yen-Huai

Volume 9 (1964) TOP

The Meaning of the Six Primary Methods by which the Chinese Characters were Taught-An Inventive Modification of All Past Theories on this Subject
Author: Fang Yuan-Yao
A Preface to "A Discretionary Study about the Difference of the Hsu Brothers in their Interpretation of Characters in Suo-Wen"
Author: Ling Yin
A Study of Letters Containing Meaning As Well As Sound Annotated by Tuan Yu-Tsai
Author: Kung Ying-The
The Influenece of Chinese Handicraft and Fine arts on Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yung-Ying
A Study of the Millitary Achievement of the Crown Prince Chien-Cheng in Tang Dynastyrpretation of Characters in Suo-Wen"
Author: Lee Shu-Tung
A Study about East Asia Weather Types and the Change of the Weather in Taiwan
Author: Liu Yen-Huai
The Applications of Geomorphology
Author: Liu Hung-His
The Recent Development in Modern Linguistics
Author: Fu Yi-Chin
Economic Geographical Regions of Taiwan
Author: Sha Hsueh-Chuen
Is Euripides A Woman Hater?
Author: Chang Fang-Chieh
A Comparative Study of the Tragic Characters Drawn by William Shakespeare and Henrik Ibsen
Author: Franklin T.C. Hsu
Phonology of Taiwanese as Spoken in the Kaohisung Area
Author: Tung Chao-Hui

Volume 10 (1965) TOP

The University: It's Mission and Functions
Author: Lin Peng
A Historical Study of the Influence of Chinese Custums on Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yung-Ying
A Systematic Study of the Logical Positivism
Author: Chao Ya-po
Fundamental Dispositions of Personality
Author: Chia Fu-Ming
A Study of Problem Areas of Core Curriculum
Author: Li Tsu-Shou
Tendency and Periodicity of the Climatic Changes in Taiwan
Author: Liu Yen-Huan
An Experimental Study of Writing Speed of Chinese Characters in Different Directions
Author: Chang Chun-Hsin