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Well-being, Loneliness and Self-esteem in Lifelong Learning: The Role of Engagement
Author: Chun-Yu Kuo (Department of Adult & Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University), Mei-Wen Wang (Department of Adult & Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University), Te-Yung Chang (Department of Adult & Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 66, No. 2
Date:June 2021


       The present and the future of our society are shaped by an increasing proportion of the elderly population. In the context of the global population aging, mental health concerns are more critical than ever. Lifelong learning provides opportunities for maintaining the mental health of older people. older people can continue to participate in courses to maintain their cognitive functions and increase interpersonal connections. The present study developed a profile of the characteristics of older learners at a older people learning center. We examined the influence of the duration of participation at the learning center, the diversity of the courses selected, and the impact of the diverse roles played by older people on their well-being, loneliness, and self-esteem. The results revealed that a longer participation duration resulted in higher well-being and self-esteem among participants; moreover, participating in a greater diversity of courses resulted in lower loneliness. Furthermore, increased diversity of the roles played was associated with increased well-being and self-esteem and reduced loneliness. This study explored the relationship between the learning characteristics of older learners and various critical psychological variables.

Keywords:role diversity, well-being, lifelong learning, course diversity, learning duration

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APA FormatKuo, C.-Y., Wang, M.-W., & Chang, T.-Y. (2021). Well-being, loneliness and self-esteem in lifelong learning: The role of engagement. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 66(2), 241-263.