Journal directory listing - Volume 44 (1999) - Education【44(1&2)】October

Construction and Application of Item Banking in Multiplication Series Diagnosis Test for the Elementary School
Author: Sheng-Zue Lee (Taipei Municipal San-Hsin Elementary School), Sieh-Hwa Lin (National Taiwan Normal Univerisity )

Vol.&No.:Vol. 44, No. 1&2
Date:October 1999


This study was to develop an item bank of mathematical diagnosis for the elementary school by using "solving process by item type framework", and to implement it on computer network environment. The test items in the bank were divided into five forms. Sixteen common items were used in every two consecutive forms for linkage purpose. The data collected from target sample were analyzed .by vertical equating techniques using BILOG-MG. The confirmatory factor analysis model was used to validate the test content. The major findings of this study are: 1 For the IRT modeling, from the goodness of fit index, the response data are mostly fit in two parameters model. 2 For the difference in mathematics ability, the interaction effect between gender and school reaches significance level. Males" the score are significantly higher than females". 3 Regarding the items' discrimination power there is significant main effect for both solving processes in a parameter. 4 For the item difficulty level, there is significant main effect for solving process. 5 Mathematics ability scores are significantly positively correlated with school mathematics achievement score. 6 The response data isn't fitted well to "solving process by item type framework" model. However, the result indicates acceptable convergent validity for both dimensions. Based on this study, the researcher made suggestions in regard to the future research on the subject.

Keywords:Multiplication series diagnosis test, Item bank, Equating, Solving process, Item type

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APA FormatLee, S.-Z. (1999). Construction and Application of Item Banking in Multiplication Series Diagnosis Test for the Elementary School. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 44(1&2), 55-74.